Exploring Ephesians: Powerful Prayer Points Part Two

This is one of the most stirring prayer requests we come across in scripture. Paul just has the two requests.

  • Strength in the inner being that continues to allow Christ to dwell – courtesy of the tremendous riches of the heavenly Father
  • From the deep base of love get together with saints to truly get a grip on the love of Christ  a grip that gives that knowledge beyond knowledge so that our entire beings are filled with nothing but God.

Consider those prayer requests. Paul wants his readers to make it their life pursuit to truly know God at the deepest core of their being flowing to all of their lives. Love knowing about love seeing love in action through all the gracious acts in line with the eternal purposes of God. A love that makes two warring factions united in Christ. A love that brought the dead to life. A love that turns those destined for the wrath of God to be a part of the temple that houses the very presence of God Himself.

It sounds mind-blowing, and it should be. This level of deep intimate love for the source of love is not something that our minds can ever fully fathom. It’s higher than we can ever reach. It’s deeper than we can reach. It’s broader than we can ever reach. This is not just an individual pursuit, this is a corporate activity because after all this love is not something we could ever hope to keep to ourselves because love is truly never love until someone else is the recipient of it.

This is true love – this is not light love, physical love, superficial love, erotic love, brotherly love or friendly love. Consider this love in its richness and be aware that however much you begin to get a hold of it, there is so much more to discover. The deeper you go the deeper there is to go. This love is words, deeds, thoughts, sentiments, movements and concepts that incorporate so much that no wonder it requires the strength of God Himself for us to truly begin to know what goes beyond knowledge.

It is also no wonder that in the light of this glory must go to the God who goes beyond our greatest imagination. Glory, honour and praises go to Him who extends this love amazing and so divine.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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