Exploring Ephesians: Paul’s Powerful Parenthesis

During his roll, Paul has a brief word to help with the perspective he shares with those that are reading this letter.

We have this letter because Paul took his responsibility seriously to take what God gave Him and be a good steward of it. That responsibility in particular was to share the revealing of God’s brilliant plan. Namely that Gentile and Jew were both involved in the eternal purpose of God.

It might not come across as much to a 21st Century reader, it was revolutionary for the audience of Paul’s day. It should be revolutionary today. It should be revolutionary in a world that continues to split and fracture on points of nationalism and ideas of cultural superiority that in Christ there is scope to see that all peoples of all ethnic backgrounds are part of the promises. It is revolutionary when we live it and see the power of the gospel see people who were fierce enemies find peace because of Jesus Christ.

Thank God for Paul taking this responsibility seriously. Thank God that this message could be conveyed to a people that were once divided, but now are brought together to display the manifold wisdom of God to those in heavenly places.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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