Exploring Ephesians: Praise Explosion 

That first chapter of Ephesians doesn’t give you time to get settled in at all. A brief introduction and then an explosion of praise. 

Just reading this first chapter makes a mockery of some people’s response to the invitation of praise resulting in merely parroting the phrase ‘Praise God’ or the lovely foreign version ‘Hallelujah’. Paul gives a great example of what it is to praise. 

  • Praise God for His Son
  • Praise God for the fact that we are richly spiritually blessed through the Son
  • Praise God for adoption into His family through His Son 
  • Praise God that all this is deliberately designed for His glory. 
  • Praise God for redemption and forgiveness through His Son 
  • Praise God for the mysteries being revealed by His Son through His people 
  • Praise God for His eternal purposes being revealed and fulfilled bringing everything to unity through the Son 
  • Praise God for the working out of His will through some to many more all in accomplishing His plan. 

TThis is no little praise. This is a big up praise for some massive things God has made possible through His Son to us His adopted children for His glory in fulfilling His eternal purposes. This is not just thanks for salvation or provision, important though those things are. This is not a praise for healing, signs and wonders, grateful though we should be for that. This is a praise moment taken because our glorious Father has done glorious things through His glorious Son to His praise forever. 

No wonder that leads to a prayer from Paul. Before getting into that prayer it’s worth noticing how prayer is built on praise. Not just local praise, not private history praise, not even global praise – this is divine eternal praise for the glorious greatness revealed by the Son for the praise of the Father. 

That’s quite some praise to appreciate. That’s quite some praise to put everything else into perspective. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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