Transformed communities in the process of continuing to be transformed by the commitment to knowing Jesus is an alternative to what it is to be conformed.

With Jesus having ascended to heaven and left the mission on earth to be completed by those who follow Him there is great commission on those who follow Him. Thankfully there is a great presence of His Holy Spirit giving us the ability to complete that mission. That does require, however, complete reliance on Him and seeing His mission to see the difference between the way of life He presents with what we’re already muddling around in.

There has to be a difference. It has to be an alternative.

Which makes it all the more tragic that in some cases it is anything but an alternative. It is just a commitment to another social club with perks and certain baggage and requirements attached to it. Ceremonies, formalities and rituals that have little to nothing to do with actually growing in knowing Jesus. People investing so much time and effort in things without even thinking if it fits with the Kingdom mission of the actual alternative that we present to the world.

Jesus died for this? Really? He died so we could build these massive facades physically and routines that perpetuates activity with little to nothing in the way of life change, people being impassioned to live for Jesus and impact their world with the light shined powerfully in their hearts. Yet generations are indoctrinated in these systems that churn out adherents who play biblical gymnastics to justify what amounts to well-meaning idolatry where the traditions of men outweigh the more important issues of love, justice, mercy, compassion, etc.

So the alternative? Walking, talking, sharing life, eating meals, connecting with those on the fringes of society, finding ease in challenging the status quo with the justice that God calls for. Working out what it means to shine the light of the good news of His Kingdom in the middle of a world that is often apathetic, ignorant or hostile to it. Getting tucked into that and seeing how our children are cultivated to appreciate that as they develop their own ability to reach their own conclusions on faith.

There’s more than enough to be getting on with investing life in the beauty of a life that displays the goodness of God than to fall back into choking regimes and systems.

There’s more than enough to discover in the fascinating riches of the character of Jesus and His Kingdom. There’s more than enough to invest our entire lives in the wonders of pursuing His Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

Therein is the beauty of the alternative of living in and expressing communities transformed and being transformed by the amazing life of Jesus Christ.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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