Question Worth Asking: What Is God Saying? 

There is such a thing as feeling as though God is silent. 

You can read scripture, watch and hear lots of teaching and preaching, converse with godly folks and still feel as if God is silent. That is something real that I know from experience. It’s a troubling feeling when it happens, especially if you felt there was something there before. Especially if you thrive on going by His leading. It’s tough. 

Yet, I would rather endure that hardship than slip into something else that I have experienced which is even worse: having no interest in what God is saying. It remains all too easy to minimise things where it’s alright to just go by simplistic approaches to life conveniently built around maintaining the manageable existence you have already constructed. In that arrangement, what God has to say can pass you by if it does not adhere to the life you have worked so hard to put together. In this scenario, God must find His place in that corner of life. Come out to play at that time, on that day, in that precise preferred manner. When we say things should be done in decently and in order, under this approach, we really mean our order, not His. Far be it from Him to dare upset the apple cart. Being the God He is, sometimes He will leave us to it, sometimes oblivious to the lifeless nature of such an approach. 

In His mercy, though, sometimes certain events in life take place to get our attention. Not just for Him to get us out of direct circumstance, but to get us to be at the place to see Him desiring to communicate with us today. Desiring to order our lives by what He is saying, not what we want Him to do or say. 

That kind of lifestyle makes that question all the more important and worth shaping all of life around the pursuit of Him to follow what He says. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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