The Brotherly Love That Continues

My favourite day of the week is Thursday. One of my favourite dates in the year is 13th October. So what does God in His wisdom and kindness do in 2016 – give me Thursday 13th October. I am surprised that there are not more fireworks cracking off than ever before for such a great combination.

I don’t have to explain the Thursday thing, people of wisdom, discernment and outstanding taste agree on that matter. It is worth expressing again why 13th October is one of my favourite dates.

On this day in history my mother gave birth to my brother David.

For some people I need to be reminded of their birthday. For some people I need to be ‘encouraged’ to write about them. No such thing is required for David. In fact, David is not that fussed at all if I write something about him or not. Others may make a fuss of him if they want, but he is not bothered. It has never been his thing to draw attention to himself, he’s never wanted a fuss to be made over him, he’s just cool getting on with his everyday life in his everyday way, because this is after all just another day.

He is right – it is just another day. It constitutes the basic similar aspect of a day that has been experienced many times in history. It is another day.

It is not just another day for me though. On this day and this date I give God thanks for David Dryden more than ever before. He represents qualities of manhood that I admire highly. He exhibits temperament and commitment that makes me extremely privileged to know him. I know my nephew is in great hands as he grows from boyhood to manhood because his father is a magnificent role model of what it is to sacrificially love, to support when things get rough, to refuse to be influenced negatively by others when it comes to relationships that matter, to know what it is to responsibilities seriously and to desire and pursue truth whatever other forces may want to posit.

I know my Dad is a great man and so I am so glad to know that he has passed on that greatness to my brother. I am not inferring perfection, he is not complete in his journey as yet. He is, however, still on the journey. He is still committed despite the variety of challenges. There are not that many people at all that I can connect with so freely and comfortably. Also he has been there for me longer than anyone else with the exception of my sister. That record of consistency and devotion to being there as a brother I can rely on is a quality I can never forget and cherish greatly and challenges me always to live to that standard also.

I am not ashamed to say I love my brother. I am not too proud to admit I continue to learn so much from him. It is not too much to celebrate him and the legacy of a brilliant character that he leaves wherever he goes.

My prayer remains that he will continue to grow and be committed to learning and pursuing what is right and true in all that he does. I pray he will continue to be that role model of authentic manhood that does not boast in any achievements but endeavours to serve in meekness.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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