Making the Most of the Capacity

There are plenty of things that occupy the mind and they are all competing for space to take prominence in the mind. People make comments, you read something, there’s something on the radio, someone mentions a tune you love, you receive a message with a link to an article, the reminder tells you that you’re scheduled to make the appointment with the dentist. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

There is the skill we have of pushing certain things aside and focusing on the things that we find interesting or otherwise captivate us for good or bad.

In a conversation I had with a friend recently, I was reminded that we can be motivated by something that fills our capacity for good or bad. That can be fear or love. When it’s fear then there’s a pile of things in the way we use our capacity that actually inhibits and damages us in the long run. There’s no sense of fulfilment and what we are capable of doing and referring to is messed up.

When the motivation is love it is amazing how liberating things can become. It feels as though what was a stuffy capacity that was hard to see anything light and bright, suddenly is much better than what appeared at first. In fact that light shines into further how the capacity of the mind can be better used for the benefit of others. It’s as though the more actions, thoughts and perspectives are run by love there’s a deeper capacity that gets deeper all the more as we continue in it.

Very much like the commitment to the loving relationship with Source of our capacity.

For His Name’s Sake


C.L. J. Dryden


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