The Blessing is in Both 

Jesus was spot on – it is more blessed to give than receive. 

Unfortunately, some have taken this too far and don’t know how to receive and get very awkward and uncomfortable when it comes to receiving. 

My wife put it so well in a conversation we had recently. She remarked how a friend of hers found it very difficult to accept and embrace the good things being offered to her out of a heart of love and hospitality. This friend only wanted to do the giving. It was almost as if she had a phobia about receiving so quick was she to avoid and divert from any offer. My wife summed up the situation splendidly when she said that the blessing is in both giving and receiving. Our issue is just to make sure we know that one is more blessed than the other, but often that is made possible by receiving after all you cannot give what you have not got and as someone who is not self-perpetuating, we need to receive tickets before able to give at times. 

Think it through, if all people wanted to do was give and not receive it wouldn’t be long before the obvious problem would arise no one receiving what has been given. As a result no one benefiting from what there is to gain in embracing what has been shared. 

Lately I expended a lot of energy on various projects. That was only possible by receiving some much needed help and love from close friends and dear family. I was grateful to receive it and in doing so it propelled me to give even beyond what I thought I was capable of. 

That’s not at all flipping things on their head and suggest it is better to receive than to give. It is to recognise the blessing that there is in receiving and then duly giving it to someone else who needs it. 

Jesus was spot on when He said it’s more blessed to give than receive. Notice, however, we need to receive that word to give it the chance it needs to make the changes in our lives. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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