Faith and Standards

This week has been incredibly taxing and challenging for me. As a result it’s put pressure on the rest of my family, thank God, though, they have been very resilient through it all and one aspect of the intensity is complete.

For all that exertion, tension and pressure there has been a number of positive outcomes. It has been a gruelling journey of faith for me and what that journey has taught me is that the standards by which I used to operate are to be raised. It is good to look back on how good God has been over the years, how faithful and gracious in equipping me for various challenges. That has been great, but the whole point of that is to get me to be more in line with the character of Christ. As I am not there yet, there’s a call to grow up into that. Aspects of that is integrity-based, my character behind closed doors and in the privacy of my own mind. Aspects of that are about how I crack on and do what He has gifted me to do.

If I walk with Him along the way, He is expecting me to change and grow and stretch myself. The more that hurts and leads me to prayer, the more I can rely on Him to be lead by Him to accomplish what He sets before me. There’s little time to remain comfortable in what I’ve done as long as there’s always more to do in line with His will.

This is to say a big thanks to a great supportive family including brothers who have my back in prayer. It’s also to be grateful to God for His help in getting me to walk by faith.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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