The Writer Thing

My handwriting at school was very close to awful.

It was obviously legible enough to give teachers the impression I knew what was going on, but I am fairly certain I helped a number of those teachers need glasses such was the squinting and the working out what was what. All that handwriting and joined up stuff, wowsers. Someone somewhere must have thought it would have been of some value to someone.

Apparently some folks feel that joined up handwriting is still the deal when it comes to excelling in English. That’s sad, really, because if handwriting was the way to make it in English in the world today … well … I am grateful to the good Lord above first of all for the printed word and the ever accessible technology to get the written word down without being critiqued for how the letters are joined.

Linked to that, though, this week has been and is fairly intense for me as I have a number of projects that are reaching their deadline dates. Preparing for them gets me to think again of what it is I love to do and more importantly what it is I love. I really do love the power of words. Sometimes I wonder if I should just stick to writing and not do so much of the talking. It’s encouraging to receive compliments about the writing and sometimes I get large hints as to where the writing should be going. I want to be obedient to where all that is going, but I don’t want to rush things at all. Just when I think it’s safe to think I’m in a groove, something crops up to remind me of the hard work needed to keep going with what’s already going on, let alone other things.

Anyway all that just to say the writing thing is something I still love and once these pressing engagements are completed, it will be very interesting to see what the next steps will be.

Whatever those steps will be, it won’t require me to be good at handwriting to convey that to you.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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