What They Cannot Contain

External circumstances can create a lot of challenging situations.

If there is a lack of certain fundamental aspects of the physical life we will deteriorate. Food, drink and clothing are the essentials we refer to. There is more to us than just eating and keeping warm, though.

Modern sensibilities suggest that if you’re not in work and want to be, or find yourself in a job that you don’t want to be in, this can have a demotivating effect. The same can work for family and other relationship dynamics. Some less scrupulous types look to take advantage of these circumstances in order to manipulate others. They look to ensure that we find ourselves in a relationship we cannot escape because of a hold they have on us. They look to keep us in a job being productive because of the threat that unemployment will lead to a whole stream of negative circumstances.

For as much as we thought we learnt from the evil of dehumanising slavery back in days gone by, it remains a reality that many are suffering from that same type of slavery, just in a different package.

There is a quality of the human condition, however, that gives a way of freedom. It is that remarkable capacity that for all the efforts people can make to hold us, they cannot contain what lies within. That capacity in the human mind to conceive of freedom whilst in bondage makes that individual more free than those who are oppressing them. That capacity in the human soul to see a life without undue hindrances allows them to smell more liberty than the one who apparently is profiting from the servitude. That capacity to in the human spirit to connect with the source of life allows them to truly experience the fullness of life even as their physical being is under threat and duress every day.

It is not about wishful thinking, it is about knowing that when there is victory in the battlefield of the mind and when our spirit is reunited with the Source of all Life we touch realities far greater than the circumstances. Even if our dying breath is made under those same physical conditions, we don’t die without hope, we don’t die empty-handed. Life was not lived in vain. As long as we recognise that they cannot contain what is within us, we are then free to be about the business of organising that inner world. As that takes place with divine wisdom and counsel, so the outlook for how we are to be and become grows brighter and brighter even as the clouds grow darker and the rain begins to fall.

As long as you remember they cannot contain what is within you, you remain free.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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