I’m Going Away … Kinda

I love me some Walter Hawkins and recently whilst doing some other work I treated myself to hearing a lot of his music again. It proved to be a valuable aid in the completion of my work. The music he produced with his choir featuring some outstanding vocal talent singing great truths of life with Christ stirred the soul and centred my focus on God. 

One of the tracks he did so well is called “I’m Going Away”. That song made me stop and think. First it reminded me of what Peter wrote about to the brethren that they should see themselves as strangers and pilgrims, just passing through. Like this is not their home, like the heroes of faith, they wait for the home whose builder and maker is God. That view is particularly compelling when I look at the way this world has been ravaged by injustices and violence of the entire being. When I consider how much of existence is given over to darker forces and the repercussions of that, the sentiment of going away to a better place is very appealing. 

There is a fault with that focus, though, in that some may simply yearn to get to the better place already and not appreciate that there’s a call to usher in glimpses of that better place while we’re waiting. Indeed, pursuing His Kingdom first on earth as it is in heaven reveals the very heartbeat of God. He does not want to take us up, He wants to bring what’s up down. It was the intention from the beginning and fully realised in the consummation with the interim period being full of faithful witnesses pointing to the new bursting in even as it has in the redemptive mission  of Jesus. 

I am eager for the return of Jesus. I am eager for the new heavens and the new earth. I find a lot of this kind of life being a journey from the old to the new even as Jesus is realised more and more through me. My desire for Jesus is not for an escape route from this place to another, it’s growing to be more a route to see the reality of that place burst through into this place. Whether that’s through my relationship with others or through activities that declare the Kingdom of God is here … and yet to come. 

I am grateful that Jesus has gone to prepare a place for all those who love Him and follow His will. I am also glad that He doesn’t condone an ignorance to the current sphere as we wait. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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