Hello October: Dryden Thinks Out Loud

I love me some October.

It’s a great month. It’s the official end of any hope of summer lingering. It’s the beginning of the cold coming in big time, meaning more warm clothes and reasons to stay inside in the company of good friends and family. It’s the beginning of the last quarter of the year which is a great way to get ready to reflect on what has happened in the year and prepare for the year ahead. It hints ever closer to winter and hibernation and I am a great fan of all those kind of things.

On a personal level this month sees the birthday of my astonishing and astounding nephew and my even more astonishing and astounding brother. (No, not my brother’s son, my sister’s son, but they’re both astonishing and astounding.) I love them both and getting to celebrate their birthdays is a very good thing for me.

I like to have an idea of what I’m going to be doing in a given month. Not to minute detail, but I like to get an idea roughly so I have things to go for. Just as Fruit was the focus for October and there the Ask Until God Unveils Something Tangible focus for August, it would be good to have a focus for October. So far, however, all I really have is on the issue of tens with it being the tenth month of the year and that kinda thing. In the light of that the tenth book in the New Testament is Ephesians, so I’ll be looking to consider that book and study it at some point over this month.

Meanwhile other thoughts that are going around in my head is around the topic of revival. My mentor is currently looking at the topic, so it’s something that I am going to be exploring somewhat for the time being. When I consider the presentation of the subject, though, I look at what it is to be revived. It’s usually about having lost life and having it regained. I consider that in the context of church life and it occurs to me that sometimes it would be worthwhile seeing it as the fact that we’re looking to return to a life that we actually have never lived before.

One of the appeals of the organic church stream of thinking is their desire to strip back all the garnishes that we’ve attached to church and endeavour to see it as God desired it to be. In that pursuit is the desire for the active headship of Jesus to be present in the gathering of believers. Now that focus on Jesus as the active head of the Body has much to do with revival because that focus on Him necessarily brings us to seeing His life in and through us so that God alone can be glorified. Such a desire and a longing for Him to be experienced in all of us together has got to show a difference in how we live, because not only is it Christ living in me – it’s Christ living in us. Exposing us to our shortcomings and also opening us up to being lead by His Spirit to new life in Him.

Sure that has a knock on effect in terms of healing, deliverance, miracles, etc. Yet this without Jesus at the centre changing us to become more like Him, is a gross neglect of what really matters.

In any case, that’s something that I’ll be exploring in a bit more detail over the month or so. Anything I come across that’s worth sharing on here, I’ll do gladly.

In the meantime, once more thank you for taking the time to read this here blog of mine. It’s my pleasure to write it and I am glad you’re reading it.

Here’s to a faithful, joyful, fruitful, insightful and grateful October.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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