Fruit Reflections (The Fruit Series 29)

It occurred to me near the end of August that I was eating far too much chocolate. Again.

At times of excess there is time for cutting out stuff that should only be taken in moderation. As the chocolate intake had risen, so the fruit intake had decreased. In itself the two are not really linked, but to help with the removal of chocolate it was good to return to the wonderful benefits of fruit. Yet why just consider the benefits of fruit from a perspective of its physical properties. So much has been said about fruit in terms of what God had always wanted from us.

Exploring that over the course of this month has been fascinating. As ever in exploring the Word of God, it goes to show that the more you discover is the more you appreciate how much more there is to discover. God has given fruit and has left us on this earth to enjoy that fruit and as we enjoy the fruit that only He gives, He understandably wants us to be fruitful ourselves. We chose initially to do the exact opposite, reject His fruit and see how that worked out. Well that has not worked out well at all, it has only highlighted how much better off we are returning to the source of fruit.

The time exploring fruit has also highlighted how far I have been from appreciating how seriously God takes our commission to be fruitful. It’s not for condemnation and self-pity. It’s for getting back in line with what God wants. It’s a gentle and at times not so gentle reminder of how corrosive bad fruit often is and how it’s much better all round to return to the solution. Namely to be planted in the gospel of Jesus Christ, devoted to doing and being everything pleasing to the Father and filled with the precious Holy Spirit to be able to produce the character of God in my life.

It may be the end of the series, but it is in no way the end of the appreciation of fruit and the need to be fruitful.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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