Fruit of the Spirit: Faithfulness (The Fruit Series 26)

Shoes are an interesting part of my family life.

My Dad trusted his shoes. He ensured that whatever shoes he wore would last him a long time. Part of that was about his maintenance, but a big part of that was about the choice of shoes he wore. He could rely on them to take him wherever he needed to get to. He trusted them and expressed that trust by taking them all the way to the limit.

I did not inherit my Dad’s impeccable taste for choosing shoes. I do, however, value the excellence of a good pair of shoes/trainers. Their capacity to go through the difficult terrain and emerge worn but ready to go again was a remarkable element of the shoes.

Faithfulness as a product of the Holy Spirit living within reflects the quality that God displays towards those to whom He commits Himself. When He makes a covenant He honours it without wavering in the slightest. So dependable is He that even when others have given up, He remains and lives to what He has agreed. No matter the terrain of the relationship writers in Old Testament would delight in His covenant love and faithfulness.

There is a dependability about God and there is an ongoing character of looking for the best even in the worst. Now as we embrace Him by His Spirit He gives us that same ability to always trust and always be trusted, to always believe and always be believed. Even as we test that to the limit with God, so others test that with us in various contexts. The issues is not about primarily being faithful to organisations or individuals. It to allow the faithfulness in God determine our steps to others and have that highlight how that extraordinary aspect can be a blessing to others.

All this happens because of the good news of Jesus Christ and so in the light of that God is looking for those who will be faithful with this in all life. That may not be as remarkable as the shoes in which we walk, but it will undoubtedly allow us to be as faithful.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

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