Fruit of the Spirit: Goodness (The Fruit Series 25)

Never underestimate something useful.

One understanding of the word goodness is usefulness. There is a word that is not given the kudos it deserves at times. It’s taken for granted because a number of useful things are considered to be standard fare for the life we live. Clothing, food, utensils, devices, systems, methods and techniques are so ingrained as to be as habitual as breathing that it is easy to overlook them. Yet as soon as there is a problem that hinders the usefulness of what we take for granted there is a huge fuss and drama made over it.

The quality of usefulness is something implicit in creation. There is a reason why God looked at His creation at various stages and pronounced it good. It served its purpose. It was of use. Benefit was received from it. Blessings were enjoyed as a result.

This is not a mechanistic and impersonal attribute. This is crucial to relationships. Sin has distorted how we approach relationships so often we experience the selfish approach to see if people are any use to us and as long as they are, we will take advantage of that, but when they are not we will discard them. Indeed only when they are of use to us and in their use to us we will get on. This is an unfortunate twisting on something God designed for us to find in relationships.

The work of the Holy Spirit in our lives allow us to recognise all goodness comes from God just as everything good is sourced in Him. His nature of goodness pours out of Him whether we are receptive or not. As we receive it, though, so we are able to convey it to others and recognise it in others even when they don’t recognise it in themselves. This quality produced by the Holy Spirit makes us extremely useful to a world that is often quick to write off people because of what they lack or where they fail or in how they have messed up. In that environment, followers of Jesus shine bright because of who they declare and demonstrate. They show the best way to live by depending on the only One who is truly good and from whom all goodness flows.

It is not just realising good in yourself that God gives, it is the ability to bring out the goodness in the situation around you for the pleasure of the Creator of the Universe who looked at what He finished and said it was very good.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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