Fruit of the Spirit: Love (The Fruit Series 20)

In the beginning when God created man it was His plan that man would be made in His image and in His likeness. Man was to reflect God on the earth. Completing the creation of man process, God breathed into the nostrils of man who then became a living being.

Later when Jesus returned from the grave, in His first encounter with His disciples, He breathed on them inviting them to receive the Spirit. Not much later on still as a group of his followers gathered in the upper room a loud noise was heard and that gathering experienced what Peter explained to astounded observers as what was promised from time where people received the Holy Spirit. Receiving that Spirit did not only animate people to express the wonders and glory of God, it propelled them to begin living life that reflected the new life they had received as God breathed into them again.

The most loving thing God did to man was to breathe Himself into man. Unsurprisingly a key characteristic that is produced when we begin new life is love. A much misunderstood term and a much desired concept. It is something that people have an idea of and can share experiences of, yet it is also something that has been so distorted and warped that it’s no wonder some are jaded by it or are suspicious of it.

This is why it is so important to return to the source of love to get the best idea of what it is supposed to look like. Our first experience of something like love is supposed to be from those that brought us into the world in the first place. The source of our existence – our parents – are meant to help us out in that sense. So it is not unreasonable to expect the source of all parents in the first place should give us an idea of what real love is, so it is of great consolation to know that the heavenly Father is love.

Seeing Him in wondrous creation granting to humanity everything they need to enjoy life. Lovingly making a way for lost humanity to return back to life when they choose to reject it. Pursuing rebellious humanity, through relationships of steadfast love not expressed just in words and sentiments, but in protecting, cherishing, nurturing, leading, rescuing, disciplining and celebrating those He chooses to relate with.

Watching Him give Himself in His Son. Seeing the Son compassionate for the needs of those who are lost, sick, lonely, discouraged, despised. Seeing the Son give Himself completely for those that He chose to follow Him, showing them to the point of washing the feet of His disciples. Seeing the Son crucified on the cross as the ultimate expression of the love the Father has for His creation that the Son was willing to go through.

Looking at Him pour Himself into His believers by His Spirit so that they too can live that kind of loving life. So much can be written, so much can be said, yet there’s so much more to experience and share and show of this quality of the one true and living God.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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