All I Do Is Think About You 

True story. I love Stevie Wonder. 

Also sometimes I come across a song that I have heard on a number of occasions before and it will pop up in my mind and I will give it a thorough going over as I had never previously done. 

So here I am, for some reason, the Stevie Wonder song All I Do springs to mind. Now I would suggest that this is not the first song you think about when you think about the music of Stevie Wonder. I daresay it’s not the second or third Wonder song. Indeed if it finds itself in the top ten Wonder tunes you associate with the genius that suggests something about your familiarity with his work. For the purpose of the blog, here is the song for your listening pleasure. 

I am fairly familiar with the song. It’s not in my top ten favourite Wonder tracks, but it has grown on me over the years. At present I would say I find a degree of pleasure in hearing the song. 

On this occasion, however, I had a look at the lyrics and made a connection I hadn’t done before. This song, as with a number of Stevie songs, is about love. It is not, however, necessarily a reciprocal love – this is a song of how much Stevie loves the ‘girl’ in question. It’s a fairly endearing song when you look at the lengths Wonder goes to in expressing the deep impression this ‘girl’ has left on him. Sure she may like him and enjoy his company and even love him, but as he is quite clear in telling her, if he cannot have her for his own, he would rather be lonely all alone because all he does is think about her. That’s a heavy kinda love to handle. 

All he does is think about her. Not in a creepy stalker kinda way. An intoxicating, fascinated, enraptured by beauty kinda way. In the way a husband and wife relate it is possible to have these sentiments, the sort that propels ever greater thoughts, words and acts that express the growing degree of love for the other. I should know it’s possible, because it’s something I am privileged to say has been a hallmark of the way my beloved can elicit such feelings, thoughts, words and actions for her. 

The point, I am making, however, isn’t primarily about that. It is about the verses  I have been dwelling on lately from another awesome collection of inspired lyrics. Psalm 1 depicts the blessed man as one whose delight is God’s law and meditates on it day and night. Now consider that degree of fascination with the way, the word and the will of God. Such is the intrigue that it takes up your mind space. It preoccupied you and influences your behaviour towards others because all you do is think about God. 

You love others deeply, because all you do is think about God. 
You forgive others purely, because all you do is think about God. 

You do your best at work, because all you do is think about God. 

You’re conscientious about the environment, because all you do is think about God. 

You have a deep compassion for the poor and disenfranchised, because all you do is think about God. 

You long to meet and mutually edify other Jesus followers, because all you do is think about God. 

You commit every aspect of life to Him, because all you do is think about God. 

You get the point. When Jesus says in His time on earth that all He did was what He saw His Father do, that’s the kinda thinking I am referring to – that says that all Jesus was ever doing was thinking about His Father. 

The truly remarkable thing about this is, though, that while we are thinking of Him, He is thinking about us. The degree of fascination we have in Him is always dwarfed by the thoughts He has towards us. We can never be thinking of Him to the intensity with which He thinks about us and how we can reflect Him on the earth. Though we can’t reciprocate it, we can certainly grow in the relationship we have with Him where all we do is think about Him. 

It’s one thing to bring fruit in season and be evergreen, it’s another to enjoy eternal connection with the Creator of the Universe. That’s what we get to enjoy when we recognise His amazing love and powerful grace towards us. 

It gives the way I consider that Stevie Wonder track a very different dimension.

Dear Father, I desire to be more and more like your precious  Son every day. Thank you for making that possible by Your indwelling Spirit. Keep my mind stayed on You, so that all I’ll do, is think about You. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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