About Church Leadership

The church matters a great deal to me.

My parents attended church throughout my years growing up in the household. I have thus been around church environments for a long time. One aspect of the church environment is leadership.

I listened carefully to what this video had to say about church leadership. On the one hand I applaud what it says about the importance of the plurality of leadership. On the other hand I remain concerned for the leeway that it wishes to give for the one-man show.

Ahhhh the one man show. Not even my home is run as a one man show. Not even the home in which I was brought up was a one man show. My development as a person could not have been successful if it was left to a one man show. Following Jesus is something that I treasure and His path is not that is promoted via a one man show approach.

Still, those are just my concerns … meanwhile thank God for plurality.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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