Some Short Reflections 

Just some things that came to mind recently:

  • The way we do things, is not the way things have always been done. 
  • Some of us worship the practice of the singing and dancing in that section of church services referred to as ‘praise and worship’. 
  • It’s not easy returning to something that was the cause of considerable discomfort. 
  • Trusting God in times of discomfort is one of the hardest and most beneficial experiences in life. 
  • I love the perspectives of considered, wise, older people. I love being in their genial and caring company. 
  • The way we do things at the moment is not the best way to do things. 
  • Men and women are very different … 
  • … Very different indeed. 
  • Having a great connection with someone is invaluable and can often make the other appear indispensable. 
  • Reading the Bible alone is a tough discipline. 
  • Reading the Bible together is a tougher discipline precisely because of the number of those who don’t do it individually. 
  • Talented musicians are a blessing. 
  • It’s intriguing detecting people’s positions on the difference between a talent, an ability/skill and a spiritual gift 
  • Appetite for God and the things of God are not all that common in church. 
  • There are some brilliant bloggers and YouTube channels. Absolutely brilliant. 
  • Connecting with people with a massive appetite for God and the things of God creates a greater appetite for God and the things of God. 
  • It’s humbling to know how much you’re loved. 
  • It’s good to know who your real friends are. 
  • The invitation to taste and see is a fascinating order of things – both in the context of the fall and the context of the redemption of humanity. 
  • I am hard work. 
  • People are hard work. 
  • Law and Order: Criminal Intent is a brilliant television programme, I still love it and got thrills in the fifth season when they did the two partnerships alternating episode by episode and then had a special two parter involving both partnerships. 
  • I can still appear like a snob
  • I don’t speak up enough 
  • My appetite for God and the things of God is greater than its been for a long time. 
  • My flaws and failings are emerging all the more. 
  • Monopoly is a great game … especially when I win. 
  • Words With Friends is a great game … despite the fact that I rarely win. 
  • There must be a good reason why God blessed me only with daughters. 
  • I miss having a decent functioning laptop. 
  • I am very grateful for a decent functioning mobile device. 
  • Layout of Bibles on the inside could really do with some work. 
  • I love English more than ever – the language is a beautiful one and I enjoy those four crucial pillars to it – listening, speaking, reading and writing. 
  • Writing with a pencil is weird to me. 
  • It’s great to be open to different ways of learning and allowing others to help in that process. 
  • Asking the question ‘what is the desired outcome?’ before embarking on anything from a conversation to a major assignment, is a worthwhile question to consider. 
  • Yeah I am enjoying playing football on Monday evenings and learn much from the experiences. 
  • There is more to life than meets the eye. 

Well that’s it for my short ramblings and musings. It’s been good to jot them down and share it with you. I am still very much enjoying the series on Fruit and look forward to where that takes us in this penultimate week of the month. 

Thanks again for popping by and giving it a read. I still could do with your prayers for my family and friends as well as myself. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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