Fruit of Wisdom (The Fruit Series 17)

The way Wisdom describes herself in Proverbs 8 continues to be one of the strongest and most attractive arguments for loving wisdom I have come across. Just hearing her declare what she has, what she does and how much she benefits anyone who seeks her, makes it maddening that we ignore her. 

After a period of time considering bad fruit, it’s so encouraging and motivating to see the great fruit on offer when we embrace wisdom. In the New Testament, James was careful to highlight that the wisdom being spoken of is the wisdom from above. There is so much that passes for wisdom today that in itself it is a task to discern godly from earthly wisdom. Yet godly wisdom as described in Proverbs, helps us out by the fruit that is produced. No quick fix today that’s bust tomorrow. No shiny item from afar that fades on closer inspection. The fruit of wisdom lasts, it delivers in substance and brings peace with it too. 

Read Proverbs 8 to be informed or reminded of the benefits of embracing the wisdom that set the world in motion and brought true riches of greater value than much of what we consider wealth. All the good fruits to enjoy when our focus is on the right things. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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