Knowing Where Power Belongs

It was my main man AJ who reminded me about Hezekiah Walker. Back in the day, Walker was a part of my listening life. He wasn’t as prominent in my life as Fred Hammond or John P Kee, but the brother had some choir pieces that stimulated interest that’s for sure. In fact, I recall attending a Hezekiah Walker concert many years ago, which suggests that he did something right by me. 

Bumping into this song was very timely. For as I came across this song I was engrossed in a very important consideration with a very important person. As we conversed, the lyrics of the final part of the song took on even greater significance. 

There is nothing to hard for God, nothing too hard for God, power belongs to God. 

I am not into using God for my convenience. I don’t like relating to Him like a butler at my beck and call for any issues I want dealt with straightaway. I am, however, very eager to share with Him everything going on with me and with those I love. When I hear my friends are in a tough spot, I know I have no power in the situation. Indeed the very words I might contribute on the matter if they carry any weight at all is purely down to being a conduit through which the real power can be expressed. 

It was so apt to have this song playing during the conversation. It was the case that all I heard and engaged in was directed to God knowing that there’s nothing too hard for Him because all power belongs to Him. Also, knowing Him as righteous and wise, I could leave the situation with Him trusting Him to know what the right thing to do would be. 

That left me with such a great reassurance that I engaged in the conversation at total peace. I could truly feel it for my friend without getting anxious. I could give my dear friend the freedom of expression without taking in any need to be the one coming to the rescue. I didn’t need to come to the rescue, because I know the Saviour. That is a deep reassurance that I need to have all the time, especially when times get so complicated and challenging for me, which they tend to be more often than not. 

God help us all. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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