Thank You Lord, For My Sister 

It must be something for a parent to witness their child go from a baby to a toddler and infant to an adolescent and then hitting adulthood. Not only that but to then witness that same sprog turn out to be a responsible parent themselves … Well that must make those years of toil appear worthwhile. 

My parents toiled considerably for the sake of their three children. In as much as they may have had concerns for the two younger ones, there was little to bother them about the firstborn. There are few people I know with a greater degree of responsibility and maturity than my sister. Sure, great credit goes to my parents, but a lot must be said about the character of my sister in herself. 

It’s her birthday today – another year that God’s grace has kept her alive and thriving against all odds. It’s my privilege to be her brother and I take great joy in knowing her son and daughter have such a tremendous mother who had such tremendous parents that will be rich lineage for them as they take the similar path of life that my great sister took. 

Love you very much, Ruth. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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