Living and Learning 

Communication goes a long way to getting things done.

Recently I had two conversations that startled me. The first was going very well until we hit a point of contention. We don’t usually disagree, but we certainly did then. No vociferous argument took place, but the nature of contention was significant. Yet we ended that conversation agreeing to come back to it later.

The second conversation was among a group of us. I was instructed to be a lot more communicative in the group setting. As it transpired we underwent a number of changes, but there were glimpses of promise with a few key group members being able to connect with me well and we did well although the larger group context did not end as well as we hoped.

From these two conversations I was joyfully reminded that effective communication goes a long way to getting things done even though it costs contention and incremental progress to get there. It showed me myself to myself again in terms of where I need to be sensitive to others and assert myself more as the occasion demands. It was refreshing and reinvigorating. It highlighted the importance of keeping on learning while living.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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