Treasuring Relationships 

Whatever your take is on divinity, it still fascinates me that we are made in the image of God. 

Today a very wise and noble person informed me that humanity was the first aspect of creation derived from joyful collaboration and consultation. Where the previous days had seen instructions given and followed, the creation of man saw God say ‘let us make …’ – the consultative collaboration lead to male and female being made. That implies relationship and fellowship being at the very heart of the human project. Relationship with each other and relationship with God. 

Since human beings went independent on their Creator, relationships have taken a significant hit. Now even the best relationships can be susceptible to damage and lots of relationships never go too far beyond the surface because of fear, suspicion and shame.

It’s great to get to experience relationships that can go beyond the surface. Where there is an invitation to return to God in establishing relationship based on mutual trust, honour, respect, integrity, transparency and a desire for the enhancement of the welfare of the other. Such relationships exist and where they do they are to be treasured because they are a sign to the original design from creation. 

For a long time I did not think those relationships existed outside immediate family, but thank God for Jesus that the last decade has seen the reality break through my haze of scepticism. It is Jesus who has poured this love in the hearts of men and women to highlight how such relationships are not the exclusive preserve of my blood brother and sister. 

Whenever I get the opportunity to taste such sweet relationships, I know I have to rely on God all the more to express the trustworthy character needed to cherish and cultivate these parts of life of enormous value. They are so worth treasuring. I have not always treated them well, but His grace and mercy towards me is rich to enable me to get on and do so in the present. 

It is something so precious and valuable. Truly like loving Jesus it is to be treasured more than virtually anything else. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 

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