Something About Praying Together 

It makes me chuckle sometimes considering the journey I have taken where prayer is concerned. 

Back in my childhood days I had very little time for prayer. Even when I got baptised in my teens my prayer life didn’t dramatically change. To look back on that now and see where I have travelled since then reinforces just how silly it was for me to have such a dismissive view of something so fundamental. That journey has included occasions where I got to hear others pray. Sure there were those church sessions and hearing masterful prayers, but I really appreciated getting to hear prayers in more intimate settings. Hearing men of God converse with Him in private and I just so happened to be there. I learnt a lot from those experiences. It also made a deep impact on me to see how that personal prayer discipline influenced their encouragement of praying together. 

Praying together I find to be powerful when there’s a shared understanding. There’s something about hearts joined in agreement and flowing from that a voice cries out to God and not only expresses our hearts, but even appears to reflect the heart of God on the matter we pray for. I learn so much from that. I have grown in intentional corporate prayer settings. There was a season back in 2006 where Friday nights were spent praying with others that helped considerably in understanding prayer and why it was so vital to do it together and get in line with the will of God. It was great to learn and see amazing results from that. Of course it’s crucial to develop personal prayer, but to see the benefits of praying together was truly profound. 

It is why I am grateful for the privilege of being with brothers and sisters in Christ who share that desire to pray together. That passion of pursuing God together and seeing incredible results that strengthens and stretches our faith. It is a pity that it’s neglected, but wherever it is embraced and treated seriously and practised diligently I know God honours that. 

Long may we continue enjoying the privilege of praying together. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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