The Kings II 08 – The Rise of Hazael 

​Hazael said, “How could your servant, a mere dog, accomplish such a feat?” “The Lord has shown me that you will become king of Aram,” answered Elisha. (2 Kings 8:13 NIV) 

Years before, God had instructed Elijah to put people in place who would carry out the necessary judgment on the wickedness of Israel. The persistent idolatry of the northern kingdom of Israel had consequences. 

Now Elisha had the unenviable responsibility of setting that chain of events in motion. The interaction with Hazael would not be the last time an unsuspecting servant would get a word that would transform their destiny. Here was a man who was a messenger and a soldier in the army. That was his position, that was his role, that was as far as he conceived he would reach. Yet the word from the man of God made a difference. 

From a dog, this man assumed his destiny as a king even as he took matters into his own hands by completing the word that stated that his master would not live long and certainly not recover.

It lead to defeats for Israel by Hazael and a wounded king. It contributed significantly to the downfall of a disobedient and rebellious people.  It was all instigated by a man who took the word of God over his life seriously. 

Think about it. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


2 thoughts on “The Kings II 08 – The Rise of Hazael 

  1. Thankyou Cd for Sharing. I Pray that God continues to use you to reach out to many more people. Amen.

    1. Thank you so much dear Olivia! I hope your prayer is answered beyond even what we could dare imagine.

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