No Simple Package 

There is something convenient about having something neatly packaged together. As a big fan of Pop Tarts (chocolate flavour or the strawberry one as you asked), it’s great to know that the two will be freshly kept in their foil wrapping and that foil wrapping will be neatly kept in a box. All neat and tidy. 

That’s convenient for me, there are no hassles. I even like how the box on completion can be broken down and flattened before disposed for recycling. So neat, so convenient, so simple, so there! 

It is unfortunate then to discover that not everything in life is so conveniently put together. It means inconvenience, it means taking time to unwrap and unpack and disclose. It means being far more careful as a whole. It requires that because not everything is so neatly packaged. 

Unfortunate though that is initially, when I get through that necessary awkward and inconvenient work it turns out to be of far greater benefit than even those chocolate Pop Tarts you get for me. It even allows for understanding for why it has come in the way it has. Layered with mistrust from previous hurts and wariness to being open following earlier misunderstanding. Wrapped around a protective persona that does not give any hints to deeper expressions of truth for fear of not living up to the expectations of others. 

Wading through all of that and giving permission to be who you are is worthwhile. Even when there are relapses and having to unpack again, it makes sense so that beauty can emerge. It’s certainly helpful in cultivating a more loving character in me that is likewise growing to be less awkward in appearance. 

No, not everything is neatly packaged – relationships are not and as a result engaging with people is not. Yet it’s worth persevering with – and to support,  you can always help yourself to some Pop Tarts. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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