Who You Were Is Not Always Who You Are 

Recently I was reminded of the importance of being before doing. That is to say always remember that from my identity in Christ flows what I do, what I say and what I think. I am not to be hung up on looking to fix spiritual problems with physical solutions. 

That reminder was necessary because I have been prone in the past to employing such failed methods. The thinking being if I did what was accepted on the surface, eventually it would sort out what was troubling me on the inside. Thank God for the wise counsel and intervention that got me to think again where that was concerned and begin the process of rooting everything in my identity in Christ.

As a result what I did back then is not who I am now. That is important to reinforce because many factors wish to suggest otherwise. People from the present can look at you through the framework of the past. People from the past can re-emerge to look to put you back in that mould of yesterday. With the best will in the world though, their efforts are at best misguided and at worst destructive. 

I don’t hate who I was, but I am aware that change was necessary. I recognise who I was, but have no desire to return to that. Learning from it, I much prefer to follow Jesus in becoming who He is shaping me to be, even if others cannot see that for themselves. 

It’s definitely all a matter of perspective and I am keen to remain focused on moving on from how others have framed me based on yesterday to fully embody what God calls me to be today by His grace. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 

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