About August As An Acronym

Someone sent a message to me that the month should be about Ask Until God Unveils Something Tangible. I thought it was inspired and shared it with close friends and family. 

Thinking about it further and talking about it with my firstborn daughter, it was also clear that that mindset could lead into a healthy approach to 28 days of the month around 4 blocks of 7 days. 

Day 1 – Ask 

What is it that we want? What is it that God wants? Are the two matching? 

Day 2 – Until 

This is a matter of time. How long will it take? How do we make the most of the time before its due?

Day 3 – God*

Day 4 – Unveils 

Life is about searching for things that are already there but either need us to uncover them or have our eyes opened to them. 

Day 5 – Something 

No point in being vague. There are specific items, experiences and people that we look for. This helps us focus on the specifics. 

Day 6 – Tangible 

On earth as it is in heaven acknowledges heavenly reality expressed in ways that anyone can sense. 

Day 7 – rest day to reflect on the six-day block and prepare for the next block. 

*Today was day 3 which is a great day to focus on the Source of all prayer. Focus on that for who He is and what He has done and will do. That’s a remarkable thing to meditate and ponder on which we do every day anyway, but special emphasis can be so illuminating. There are a number of outcomes I am looking for over the month and beyond, but I am only too aware that God is central to anything being fruitful. If He is glorified, credited and praised through these outcomes then it would be be more than worthwhile. If that won’t happen I will readily accept missing out to pursue something of greater worth. 

I look forward to sharing positive news on the outcome of this venture should God spare my life. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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