The Character of the Woman 

Today is my  wife’s birthday. 

It’s fitting that this should take place right at the end of a look at the book of Ruth, because just as the biblical episode highlights character, so celebrating the birthday of my wife gives an opportunity to reflect on a remarkable character. 

Authrine has been able to develop a reputation for being reliable because she holds the value of faithfulness highly. It’s one of the biggest things in her life on the very rare occasion where she’s not able to fulfil her word because the relationship is so fundamentally important to her. This capacity to draw on all her efforts to get the job done with regards to keeping her word is one of the commendable attributes that makes her such a compelling and devoted person. 

She is also committed strongly to truth and that quality is all the more remarkable when others look to dodge the truth at awkward and inconvenient moments. Even if it’s to her own detriment, Authrine would much rather let the truth have its day than leave people in the dark on that matter. That is an assuring character to possess and is part of what makes her such a trustworthy individual. 

What remains an incredibly appealing aspect of her character is her care. Beyond the bluster and gruff there is someone who is keen to see the best for those in her circle of influence. Whatever else could be said, her intention and desire to do what is best in the situation more often than not remains. 

This is why a day such as today is so important for those who know her to varying degrees to all chime in with well wishes and blessings to her. Here’s hoping that as God spares her life to hopefully see many more birthdays, God will grant her heart’s desires and like Ruth, her legacy of being blessed and a blessing to so many will last long after her. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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