Writing and 1 Kings

Talking verbally is something that I do fairly well, but I prefer writing. By writing I mean typing either on a laptop or on a mobile device like a tablet or phone. I believe people are more used to me for the verbal, but often my best manner of expression is through the written word. 

I am grateful for portals like WordPress and Evernote that give me the place to write. Writing has been something that I have extended to articles as well as blog entries and the occasional study and presentation material. I have written quite a lot here on the blog and along with notes and ideas as well as the material used by others it’s getting to be a fair amount of written resources to be put to use alongside what comes to my mind on a relatively regular basis. My hope is not to let them go to waste but make the best use of it. 

Meanwhile today far too quickly saw the end of the daily study on 1 Kings. What a book. From the end of the glorious reign of David to the end of the inglorious reign of Ahab. It really is the depiction of the fall and decline of the people of Israel. Whatever heights Solomon may have achieved means little to nothing as the northern kingdom of Israel lurches from bad to worse. King after King refusing God and leading to the rise of the voice of God calling out to His people to return to Him, yet for every sign and wonder He presents, the heart of the people and their rulers refuse to accept Him in His rightful place. 

It’s insightful to know that because I believe God still does wonders today that are remarkable signs of His presence on the earth and yet people still refuse Him. Still can’t accept Him in His rightful place. This is to be expected and as a follower of Jesus it reminds me that being made in His image is not about primarily pursuing the wonders and signs. It is primarily about pursuing His character and His cause. Getting hung up on that can help me significantly avoid the downfall of the kings that followed David. Keeping that in mind requires inner reminders of His presence with me and the purpose of the presence to proclaim the personality that makes all the difference. 

As has been the pattern this year so far, I won’t dive straight into 2 Kings just yet. The book of Ruth has emerged as one worth exploring in the daily method that has been my rhythm of late. So look out for that soon. 

Thanks again for the time you take in reading this blog. It is hugely appreciated. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


2 thoughts on “Writing and 1 Kings

  1. Great post, your words echo. I’m inclined to agree with you that God is opting to whisper as shouting isn’t enough, especially in lieu of our recalcitrance giving us our marching orders.

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