Getting to Know Him

My upbringing and church influences lead me to believe that a lot of worship was to do with emotions, singing and music. I don’t disregard that insight. 

What I am also grateful for is how worship provokes more than emotions, singing and music. I am grateful for the influences that pointed to worship as something that is done well from getting to know the focus of the worship. That requires all the senses and all the faculties to grow in embracing the revelation of Him through ongoing life encounters. Just reading some of the Psalms and their putting down in words description after description of the character of the God worthy of worship. Then considering that in the light of my life story and the many episodes He has overtly intervened. The times He has consoled, the times He has given wise counsel that has produced great results. The times of intense joy and overwhelming thanksgiving. 

So much that reveals who He is and yet draws on me to know Him more. Recognising there’s so much more of Him to know and acknowledging His delight in being known. For in truly knowing Him it is no mere mental accumulation of information, it is a transformative process that affects all of my being. Even my very physical urges of hunger and thirst are momentarily alleviated in the wonder of feasting on the Bread of Heaven and drinking in the living water. 

To see that reflected in song words that explore those experiences is understandable. To know where that’s coming from in whole lives spent getting to know Him is a far greater realisation especially knowing that it is not exclusive. It is something God invites us to explore as we grow in knowing Him by faith. 

So enriching and exhilarating is the journey of getting to know Him that it is a wonder why we stray from that to things that are of such lowly and insignificant value in comparison. Thank God for His patience with us as we come back to the heart of worship. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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