What To Expect When He Speaks 

Some people are keen to hear the word of the Lord. That is understandable. You’re in a relationship with someone, you want to share who you are and you want to get to know who the other person is. Some of the best ways to get to know I’d hear what they say. 

God is ever present to share who He is in many ways and scripture is full of incidents where He speaks to people. Sometimes directly and sometimes through others. Recently it has been very sad reading of episodes of God talking to people and here are some things I have picked up from those tragic episodes. 

When God speaks, He really means it. When He spoke to the prophetic with no name, His instructions were clear. There was to be no doubting about it, whatever any other liable source should propose. That is also to say that when He speaks, there will be a variety of forces that will sow temptation and doubt in a bid to deter you from what has been said. 

When God speaks, His timing is not always limited. When God spoke to Jeroboam through Ahijah, it was very clear that his success was dependent on leaning on what God said. David had demonstrated that in his reign. Jeroboam could have followed that path and enjoyed a reign that could have gone down favourably in Israel’s history. That was a matter of faithfulness over time. That required focus over time. In Jeroboam’s case his quick pursuit of self preservation rather than faithfulness had damaging consequences. That goes to show the importance of focusing on the source of the promise not just its outcome. It is such a task to remain focused when other factors compete, when relationships go awry, when there are concerns about potential threats to what you hope for. 

The hype about hearing God speak is usually in the hope for something immediate and permanent. Yet God is not limited to that and often looks for us to believe and be patient in that belief. He can do that because He gives us the grace to wait if we focus on Him. Thus in looking to follow what God says – and it is essential we are lead by what He says – we certainly need His character to fulfil His Word. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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