Some Meetings Are Good 

There was a place I used to work that had a meeting every few days because of the nature of the workplace. They really should have been great times to catch up on important matters and genuinely be engaged with the life of the team. The reality was that it was often boring. This happened due to the manager’s inability to give the meeting the sense of importance it deserved. 

There are a number of other meetings I have attended before and since that job that have similarly been a waste of time. There are a few people I know who dread meetings. They can sense the sort of people who love to meet for the sake of having a meeting. They’re professional meeting types who aren’t that fussed about actually making sure the meetings are useful for others. They know the routine, they see it as a game to be played and they play it for all its worth as others are bored to tears. 

That’s why I am so glad for those occasions where I get to meet with people who don’t meet for the sake of meeting, but do so because there’s great positive benefits to be had by the time spent together. The sense of intentionality, the purpose, the drive, the fun contributions, the laughter, the timely summaries and reflections, ending with the knowledge of accomplishment and a clear direction for the next steps. Those occasions and their positive outcomes make meetings worthwhile. There are some good meetings to be had and you know I long to continue the trend of ensuring those meetings become the norm. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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