All That Thrills My Soul … 

Recently the family supported the first two girls as they represented their school football team in a tournament with a few other schools. The team that my daughters played in won the tournament. The feeling of exhilaration and euphoria was significant for me. Seeing my girls do so well in their effort and then help contribute to success was truly a thrilling experience for me. 

Not that I am the outwardly exuberant type in public on such occasions. Yet as we gathered in the car afterwards I was overflowing with rejoicing at the achievement of my daughters. They had done so well. It was cause for a proper celebration. 

In the larger scheme of things, people might not think this matters. If their life unwinds anything like mine or their mother’s, they will experience greater thrills and achievements than this. Yet just for the moment all of that did not matter and does not matter. All that thrilled my heart was the success of my daughters. 

It got me thinking of what thrills the heart of the Father. It got me thinking of the evident thrilling relationship between Father and Son where the Father delighted in the Son even going to the point of the cross to rescue, redeem, restore and reconcile creation. The evident thrilling relationship between God and humanity in right standing where they reflect His image and glory in expressing His character on the earth. I considered the massive thrill heaven gets at someone turning from darkness and towards the light, embracing the good news of Jesus Christ and becoming a part of the heavenly family. Such is that thrill that God even deposits His Holy Spirit in that individual sealing the importance of that relationship. God is thrilled about us!! 

Wowsers. Thinking about that put my own delight in my daughters in sharp perspective. Again I dwelt on what John wrote in his first letter when he invited us to behold what manner of love the Father has given us that we should be called His sons. He loves us, He is thrilled with us, He is excited about what we shall be even more than we are. What a monumental success that is that we didn’t even achieve but we receive by ongoing faith in the One who achieved it for us. 

So it’s reasonable then that if He’s thrilled with us, despite all of the flaws and failings, how much more should we be thrilled with Him

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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