About Exciting Experiences 

There are lots of things exciting to witness in my life. 

In the past I was excited about going to secondary school for the first time. Hitting the sixth form was an exciting opportunity to experience. Going on a plane for the first time was exciting. Starting University and as a result leaving home was very exciting. Being a part of the student radio station remains one of the highlights of my life. Working in London that first summer at university was exciting. Being involved in a national evangelism project was exciting. Meeting and befriending the woman who would become my wife has got to be among the most exciting experiences of my life. The introduction of all three of our children has been exciting and also other things as well. 

Getting baptised should be on that list, but to be honest that experience wasn’t all that exciting at all. It’s a pity, really, because since then excitement over watching others get baptised has sky rocketed. I am eager to let those who will get baptised appreciate just what an exciting occasion it is. Even more exciting though is having the privilege of engaging with someone from being on the outside of faith to being drawn into the great story of Jesus and being transferred from darkness to light. Getting to help people grow in their faith is the most exciting experiences in my life. The fact that this need not be a one-off experience, but can be a regular part of life with others is something that at the moment I find incredibly motivating. 

I can see how it is a natural part of the life of church to love within and let His light shine beyond so others can see it and receive Him. That is something I am all the more eager to witness with a team of others. Pray with us to that end, please. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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