Clarity, God and Jose Mourinho 

OK I admit it. The title for this blog post was deliberate to get attention, but not in a spurious way. 

Jose Mourinho. A character that evokes the range of emotions – delight and devotion from some, horror and revulsion from others. I have another blog where I can talk more about my views on him and other vital football related matters. I happened to come across his first press conference he delivered in his new role as manager of Manchester United. Among other things I was interested in his focus on the importance of specialists in key positions in the side. 

His reasoned and impassioned talk on the topic got me thinking again about what I wrote recently about specialists. It is something to know your area of specialism can be recognised as a crucial part of the whole effort. I don’t want to look at church and the Body of Christ as an uptight strait laced bureaucracy. Sometimes folks get the impression that church is no different to a business and the various departments and activities and projects can certainly make it look that way. Yet as a Body of believers we don’t meet and live together to just have a commune completely cut off from the world just singing love songs to Jesus. As Paul instructed Titus, the point of the people of God was to do good and there are many ways in which we can be about that business. 

Often, however, we’re found wanting and part of that might be down to a lack of clarity. The only element of clarity is knowing when to show up, pay up, stand up and shut up. This is why I am glad that God has not left us in the dark where that clarity is concerned. He has blessed the church with gifts given to people – not some people, all people in Christ have been blessed with a gift. Those gifts put to use express the fullness of life in Christ and get on with us doing good. It requires, however, people to be clear on that, recognise the specialism they have been blessed with and then function in that for the good of the church, the people and the world at large. That would also mean less attention paid on the model of getting people to warm seats and pay up. There might be a more intentional model of seeing how we support each other being about the business of doing good. 

As one man goes looking for specialists to improve his team, those in the Body of Christ can recognise the specialists among ourselves as well as beyond us. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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