Specialist Subject – Thinking Out Loud 

I was thinking recently that it must have been a pastor who thought that Paul’s letter to Titus was a pastoral letter. Reading chapter two, in as much as I can see the pastoral element and instruction, this heart of the letter which can also  be seen in the building up in the previous chapter, highlights this letter is a teaching letter. It’s a letter from a teacher to a teacher to get on with the vital job of teaching. 

I write that, however, as a teacher. 

Not a typical school/institution type reacher. But I am a teacher and I love teaching and learning. Love it. Love the diversity of ways in which we can effectively learn and the variety of ways in which we can teach. It’s weird for me to be so sure about what I do well as I am often going through bouts of insecurity and inner anxiety. Yet on the issue of teaching and learning – just as with the issue of my love of words in reading and writing – I have a great degree of certainty. 

Over the last six years, more often than not, I have had the opportunity to deliver training and exercise my gift of teaching in ways I had not conceived before and I have enjoyed it thoroughly. Yet now I am at a crossroads. 

I feel I am at the stage of my life where I need to be more defined and refined as to what I do and how I do it. It is around teaching – preparing it, learning about it, writing about it, delivering it, broadcasting it, producing it. But teaching what? 

Politics? I love the subject and it’s what I got my degree in. Recent developments in Britain and the world make it all the more of interest to explore and get others who are interested in the subject to delve further into it. 

Culture Studies? Maybe something on the way culture expresses itself through various means. I would love that, it would certainly stimulate my interest in the subject incorporating my fascination with the likes of cinema, changing nature of television, role of sports, influence of music, etc. 

There is an element in which religious studies might be an option, but honestly I would certainly just prefer on intentional exploration of the Christian faith. That I find fascinating and if there was a possibility to teach on that without getting suckered into a Christian bubble that was not engaging with the wider world I would be interested in that. 

I had a conversation lately with someone who asked about my specialist subject and it was quite something to truly consider. There is the area in which I have delivered for the last six years, but as well as that, there is something about specialisms I have pursued without payment and at this crossroads it is of great interest to see if this is the time to pursue those. 

It’s not often I think out loud on the blog like this, but I enjoy putting these on here from time to time. This is an important crossroads in my life and essential will be the wisdom of God. Your prayers in following His direction will be gratefully received. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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