Taking Time to Understand 

Recently my wife and I were reminded of the importance of key qualities God gives us in being His children. 

One of those qualities is having the patience and wisdom to understand someone before exercising wisdom in addressing the person appropriately. We were enjoying a good barbecue at the home of a friend. Whilst there we noticed a senior person berating someone. The person being berated didn’t say anything, but it became apparent that the person doing the berating didn’t have a relationship with the person. They just hammered their point repeatedly for a number of minutes, whilst the recipient silently took it without answering back. 

When we asked the person later why they didn’t say anything, it transpired that it wasn’t the first time this person had done such berating. As a result the recipient was able to take it in good grace because he knew there were other good people around who knew the truth and were positively engaging from a point of understanding rather than jumping in with both feet in their mouth in berating. 

It reminded us of the value of true loving relationships that can be in complete contrast to well-meaning types who don’t take the time to understand before applying wisdom in a righteous response. It reminded us that in as much as we may receive information about a person, it’s far better to base actions on a growing relationship with the person out of compassion for them. 

These are not always easy qualities to practise, but that’s the whole point of having divine assistance. That’s the whole point of having examples of that around in people who have complete divine dependence to enact those qualities. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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