Dryden Update – July 

Another day another month. 

Half of 2016 has already elapsed and it has been an intriguing first half ofof the year. There has been a lot to be thankful for – a good marriage, healthy growing children, great supporting network of friends who motivate and inspire. 

The blog has proven to be a great outlet too as I have progressed through a number of books in the Bible including the recent conclusion of 2 Samuel. As you can gather by reading it and the followingfollowing chapters of the next book, it most certainly is not the best place to finish that saga. Before I continue with the next book, though, I will take a brief break to look at one of the letters of Paul in the New Testament. 

There is nothing of great note to mention in terms of what is scheduled for July. My hope, though, is to continue to stay plugged into the great network of people helping me at the moment. I hope that will positively influence what else I post on this blog this month. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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