When You Catch Up With God 

It’s a funny thing. We run away from God, in our attitude and actions. We rebel against Him and run from Him. He chooses to pursue us. 

He does so in various ways – various expressions of His grace that declares His character to us inviting us to return to Him. He is compassionate and kindkind despite our rebellion and disrespectful behaviour. It’s remarkable, really. 

Then, as one of my favourite songs informs us, like waking up from the longest dream, how real it seemed until His love broke through. We experience that breakthrough, His efforts are recognised as are our sins and we are overwhelmed by His love. Convicted, we repent and embrace His love. Then something remarkable takes place. He encourages us to catch up with His view of us. Sure catch up with Him – He is the centre of it all. Yet as well as that there is something He wants us to catch up with, namely His view of us. How He sees us as His children in Christ, complete and whole, vibrant, gifted, wondrous reflections of Him. When in relationship with others our display of Him in the earth is a spectacle truly amazing to behold. That is how He sees us and He lovingly nudges us further to realise who He sees to be. He had to lovingly nudge us because we are still amazed and somewhat taken aback by that. In fact some of us still need to catch up with that. 

It’s instructive as to why we are encouraged to behold the manner of love our Father has given to us that we should bebe called His children. Now we get to catch up with God in that reality. 


For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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