Sam’s 2nd Epic 18 – The Return of Joab’s Revenge

Charismatic though he was in gaining the support of the people of Israel, Absalom made a big mistake making an enemy of Joab.

Joab’s disregard for the clear instructions of King David, showed again just how driven he was to put an end to the life of Absalom. What leads a man to behave in such a way? The extent that Joab went to in getting Absalom back from his exile and then the way he had to get David to bring his son back to his court had already stretched Joab. Now, to see that all of that was just a part of a larger plan to oust the king, well that was it. Joab would not exercise the same care for Absalom as his father.

Such clear insubordination, though, should strike a note of concern for observers. Who are we loyal to – our King, or our hurt? What will we follow – our King or our betrayal? To Whom shall we pledge our allegiance – our King or our emotional upheaval?

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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