Another Step


We measure it in a variety of ways and also measure our lives by the accumulation of what happens in those measures of time. At various times we get an opportunity to reflect on what takes place in a measure of time and look at how we have moved on or not. Then we get to decide what we do from there, just for another step.

There are great people that God has put to bless my life. They are here to support and advise, come alongside, work with and do life together. There are things I am responsible for on my own for which I take it more seriously than ever before. God, however, did not create me to be a solo warrior. So from time to time it is important to reflect on things together and look to God to see what to do next.

God gives us the wisdom and instruction to work things out together, so that’s what we get to do. Just to work out another step.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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