Thrashing It Out

There are certain things that matter. There are also certain things that matter more than those first things.

Sometimes we don’t know which things matter more than the others. Sometimes what we believe matters to us is something we passionately and vociferously look to defend. That defence can antagonise others. It is good, however, to note the content of what is being said and appreciate the passion with which it is expressed. If an understanding can be developed between the two parties there can be more room for sharing passionately held things that matter.

The room is made, however, not just for freedom of expression but for intention for resolution however possible. It’s not always about just sharing views, it’s with a desire to progress with a new shared understanding and resolution. That at times requires the fraught work of thrashing things out. Not just going round in circles sharing opinions and talking history. Creatively engaging in reaching that shared understanding is hard work, but very rewarding as the principles of relationship, humility and respect underpin the process.

It’s not always about agreeing on everything, sure. It doesn’t deflect, however, from the worthwhile work of at least going through the process of thrashing things out to see what amazing, innovative outcome may result.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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