On the Inside, Coming Alongside

My friend Steve is brilliant.

Among the list of aspects that makes him brilliant is his capacity to motivate. One conversation about my lack of fitness and stamina turned into him inviting me to go with him to a gym. That encouragement turned to him actively helping me get to grips with the different stations in the circuit. Gruelling though they were, he was on hand to advise and support me around the circuit helping me to stay focused on doing what I could do.

He was brilliant at getting inside my situation and then coming alongside me to walk with me through to a much better outcome.

As I reflect on that it’s once more the case that it’s easier to quit something than to start something, but harder still is to pick up something you stopped and maintain it. Hard though that is, it is hugely rewarding. It’s helped tremendously by those who get inside and then walk alongside to support progress.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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