Cool of the Day Conversations

When Adam and Eve sinned they went hiding when they heard God walking in the garden in the cool of the day. The ensuing conversation although it has grace notes and reasons for hope is still very sad indeed.

The thought, however, of the Lord walking in the cool of the day, is fascinating. It’s as if God loved to catch up with male and female and see how things are going in their mission to cultivate the garden. God is interested to know and is happy to come and talk about it.

In a world ravaged by the consequences of sin, it’s great to know that God still wants those conversations with us. We can still ask Him about the world He created and we are entrusted with the care for it. As He walks to talk with us, we can still ask His advice how to go about improving the conditions of the place to bring out the best in it. The narrative of death, disease and despair around us does not have to be the prevailing storyline. The nuisance and neglect does not have to be all there is and we can engage in conversation with Him to see what His Kingdom come and will done on earth looks like.

Sometimes in the cool of the day, my Dad and I would be walking back home from somewhere. He would walk and sometimes sing and sometimes converse, it would be in those moments that I saw a lot of my Dad in the fullness of contentment that seemed to derive from his conversations with God. I sometimes wondered how in the world he lived he kept so serene and it had to be a lot to do with those conversations.

It’s only too easy to get caught up and morose about bad news after bad news as though this is our lot and that’s all there is to it. God’s perspective expresses something different and we can’t always hear that as we’re immersed in the hubbub of activity in the height of the day. Sometimes our productivity in those times is based on our conversations in the cool of the day, reminding us that He is with us and for us even as we are made by Him and for Him and will only ever experience the truest meaning of success through Him.

It’s worth bearing these things in mind.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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