Team vs Bunch of Gifted Individuals

Yeah, it’s football related, but it’s still good.

So it’s the European Championship in France. Belgium, apparently ranked number two in the world, take on Italy who are not widely fancied because of their lack of big names. Belgium, meanwhile, have a number of very good players.

As the game progresses, though, the Italians have the majority of the good play. They have a game plan and their players are working hard on following it. They defend well as a team. They manage the game well as a team. They score a brilliant goal as a result and for the vast majority of the game have their opponents safely in their control. So as much as Belgium huff and puff they struggle to blow down the defence of their opponents, worse still they don’t appear to be functioning effectively as a team. They just appear like a bunch of gifted individuals. For all their giftedness there is little cohesion. In great contrast the Italians have a good mix of players who will support each other, cover each other, sacrifice for each other and have a good understanding of the movement of each other so that even when their efforts don’t come off they can recover quickly. It’s a great example of good management enabling a team to play together well.

Loads to learn for the life of the community of grace. The importance of not just being gifted but using it usefully for the benefit of the whole. Not being fussed by superstars and the super gifted knowing that under wise and godly management even the most unlikely ragtag bunch can display the brilliance of Christ that can baffle the world. Functioning together as a cohesive body under the leading of the Spirit makes the personality of Christ the dominant one and can lead to great results.

So much more to learn and apply for life in the community of grace.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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