Cultivating an Environment of Cultivators

There were always people available. As long as there were people available there was an opportunity to do something. It was not an issue of creating something new as cultivating what was already there to experience the new together.

Listening was the first step. In listening there was a better awareness of what was available. Also as effective listening took place, trust was developed because those talking knew that the listener was not passive or patronising. It was clear that what was heard was treated with respect and there was some challenging feedback at appropriate times.

When the listening practice was well established there then followed a series of provocative questions. The questions were posed not to them but to ‘us’. Questions in the light of the current experience that wondered about what their desired outcome would look like. Then those questions began to explore what could be done with what they had to work towards it.

Those questions then became action points. Each one looking to the other for support and encouragement. Each one looking to the other for direction where necessary and correction when it was right to do so.

Just as things were looking good and progress was being made among them, two of them were called away and told to go to new places to cultivate new experiences in different places.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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