If They Knew What God Took You Through …

People can behave in really odd ways sometimes. You see someone whooping and jumping, leaping and singing and doing their jig around you before kissing a random stranger on the pavement. They do all this sober, but you’re not quite sure if they are sober because of their odd behaviour.

It can come across as rather weird, until the explanation comes. Their numbers came up in the lottery. The girl of their dreams who they have waited for so long has finally agreed to embark on a serious relationship with them. Having gone through the disappointment of losing two babies in the womb to miscarriages the mother has successfully delivered a healthy bouncing baby. Once you know the story behind it, the odd behaviour is understandable. The exuberance and what might appear to others as going over the top is no longer that when you know the story behind it. Sometimes the story is not for you to know, all you need to know is that they are ecstatic and should be left to it without your negative commentary on what you have observed.

If you have been kept down for years by your inner struggles and they are relieved, your reaction to that is hardly going to be a reserved and ponderous nodding of the head. If you have suffered from a debilitating disease but have experienced a total miraculous healing the response is unlikely to merely consist of a wry smile and a request for a cup of tea. If for years people have told you that you will amount to nothing and you have faced obstacle after obstacle and yet you have been able to make a significant positive contribution to the community around you overcoming all the odds, you’re hardly going to just give the thumbs up and go for a cat nap before catching up on your stamp collection.

When you consider what Jesus has done for us and then experience that for yourself then embark on a series of experiences where the reality of His presence is pronounced over your life, you have every right and permission to respond in euphoria with behaviour that others may consider somewhat unrestrained and over the top. Let others complain and criticise, but you know you are responding in order to a God who deserves that at the very least as an orderly reaction to His outrageous grace expressed to you.

If they only knew what God took you through …

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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